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2021 Cadillac Escalade First Drive Review: The Cadillac Of Cadillacs

I hope in many ways.

Over the last 20 years, Cadillac has seen modern ups and downs. But during the conflicting years, the Cadillac Escalade was the undisputed bright spot for the board. Among several American cosmetic products that will surely ignore German competition and will not follow its uselessness, Escalade has also established itself as a cultural symbol. It is the only Cadillac to achieve the same results.

But while the Escalade is part of the Cadillac line, the B characteristics that make it exactly what the company believes in: above all, be tall, relaxed and good-looking. But the 2021 Escalade also plays a leading role in technology, as does the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which introduces invaluable technology to a wide range of brands. Ascension 2021 is a quick look at who will be the next Cadillac, and hopefully.

Look at me now

Although the Escalade is still a close relative of the Chevrolet Sabon and GMC Yukon, it looks and feels like a top-notch app, not like any popular product. You are obviously watching a show with a spacious floor behind the wheel. With three individually curved screens, this combination has 38.3 inches (7.2 inches on the driver’s side, 14.2 inches in the center and 16.9 inches on the right), making the Scald the largest home on a four-wheel drive display. motor. .

Cadillac relied on organic LED (OLED) technology and state-of-the-art TVs to ensure the monitor provides accurate color analysis and a commercial analyzer for this large format. The result is incredible sharpness, incredible contrast and a very rich black color that television images have achieved over the years, but in cars that can cost up to 8,000.

The look of Scalade is revolutionary, not just any popular product.

Cadillac claims to have twice as many pixels as a 4K TV, which wouldn’t tell you the exact solution, but we would expect it to be better than 4K and worse than 8K. God, are you okay? Apple CarPlay has done particularly well in the new OLED design: it produces vivid colors and a very efficient work edge, and displays images with fine details usually reserved for the iPhone. Each image or image has a certain intensity, which gives other modern systems, such as BMW iDrive, an antique look.

Fortunately, you can have as much fun interacting with the screen as you want. The design and performance of all the different functions are taken into account so that technically illegible covers are also available. The large screen to the right of the driver performs all the functions of the information system, the main screen is the control panel, and the left screen is used for travel information or to adjust the main screen or the Control Panel.


There it is: no hysteria or unnecessary complications. If you can use your old Cadillac information system, it’s a good idea. The biggest change is the group of 14.2-inch digital devices. With two on-screen inputs (maximum), drivers can install a digital full-screen surgical controller, add a night-vision camera, or monitor a low-resolution nose.

Through the lenses programmed in the browser, the computer uses advanced reality to discuss eating instructions similar to Mercedes, but in a more popular and useful location.

Switching from one alien to another is quick and easy, and that is the topic of all technologies.

Although Mercedes is limited in its AR strategy, the Escalade can be tracked all the time. In addition to this taste, the potential of the system is extremely encouraging. This is very important because this feature helps drivers. Imagine using AR to mark lanes or remove obstacles, display traffic lights, warn of vehicle warnings, or close closed roads.

Switching between these aliens is quick and easy, and that is the topic of all technologies. The new operating system and entertainment system accepts wipers, keys and punches and all kinds of devices that can soon be used for the next screen.

Our premium platinum locomotive complements this large internal screen with the AKG Studio 36 speaker system. Scalade is the first automated project (although the parent company is closely involved), but hopefully it won’t be the last.

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