6 At Home Beauty Tricks

Beauty isnt pain, anymore, but it can sure be pricey these days. Between the makeup products and all of the spa treatments, taking care of ourselves seems to break the bank at times. Plus, there are all the ads out there telling us to buy certain products, book vacations, and download subscription apps, and thats just the beginning. Basically, if you want to be beautiful society is saying it will come at a cost. But thats not entirely true.

There are plenty of ways to navigate the beauty industry on a budget, using everyday items youd naturally keep around you (or ones youd likely want to purchase anyway, without outsourcing to a luxury resort). Just take it from our parents-who somehow seemed to navigate the beauty industry just fine without being supercharged with ads. So, dont give up on your beauty routine just yet.

Here are six beauty hacks you can do from home:

Do an at-home facial with a face mask or serum
Beauty begins with a clean face. Thats why the skin should be cleaned and hydrated properly every day. This can easily be done either through a face mask or by applying face serums. But there are just so many to choose from, so you should consider skin tone, potential skin conditions, and the ultimate goal in the whole beauty process. Masks and serums are typically bought for different purposes, although having more than one is also a great beauty hack. There are hydrating masks, skin tightening serums, wrinkle serums, detoxifying masks, age reduction serums, etc. The list of options seems endless, but thats a good thing all dependent on your mood and occasion.

Buy Himalayan salt for easy-to-make salt scrubs
If you want softer skin without the price tag that comes with scrubs, all you need is some quick household products. You can buy Himalayan salt, the same kind youd grind on food, and mix it with either olive oil or coconut oil, even avocado oil if you have it, and create a body scrub to apply to your skin. This option is perfect for those when you need a quick exfoliant for dead or dry skin.

Grab a DIY lash extension kit
There is nothing more relaxing than having eyelashes ready to go, every day, at a moments notice. For the ultimate beauty hack, get yourself DIY lash extensions. Its an effortlessly glamorous look that becomes almost easy after the initial application. DIY lash extensions come in kits that come with everything you need to apply long, beautiful lashes seamlessly. They will last one to two months, which means youll need to clean them frequently (as you would any other part of your body) and come in various types of materials (silk, mink, faux mink, sable, fox, faux fox, or synthetic). Rather than get them professionally done, which can be costly, having a DIY lash extension kit can be done from the comfort of your home whenever youre ready. Fortunately, both options are customizable.

If you have grays, apply mascara instead of dying them
If you have dark hair this is a beauty hack that will save you literally endless hours and countless dollars. Going on a date, or a big occasion? Apply your mascara to the roots of your hair for an easy, quick touch-up that wont break the bank each time. If you have lighter hair, luckily there are gold mascaras out there that you can buy to cover up your hair as well.

Whiten your teeth the old-fashioned way
Your parents will likely remember this age-old beauty hack: combining salt and baking soda to whiten your teeth. Before whitening strips hit the shelves of every major shopping store and withstanding going to the dentist, the old way to whiten teeth was by combining the elements of baking soda and salt and putting them on your toothbrush. Yes, all you need are these two common household products for the ultimate beauty hack that will brighten your smile a little bit each day. Try it for yourself and see the difference (dont worry, the taste isnt as bad as it sounds).

Do more with your coffee
That morning cup of Joe can do more than just wake you up-it can also benefit your scalp! After a normal shampoo, you can pour cold coffee into your hair and then let it settle for about 20 minutes or so before you wash it out. What the caffeine does is not only increase the shininess of your hair (major perk!) But also help your hair actually grow longer and fuller.


These six beauty hacks-do an at-home facial, create your own body scrub, DIY lash extensions, apply mascara to grays, use kitchen items to whiten your teeth, and use coffee for better hair-will have you looking your best self for a fraction of the cost. Try them for yourself and see the difference.


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