8 Ways To Find Out If He is The One

1. His Character Is Consistent
A lot of times when you meet someone for the first time, they either put their best version of themselves forward or pretend to be the person they think you want them to be, not who they actually are.

To ensure your man is truly who he says he is, observe him in situations or environments that he’s not accustomed with. See how he acts when things go unplanned, when he is angry, sad or annoyed. This will give you an indication whether he is husband material.

2. He Shows You Serious Affection
Now you might be thinking, why does this matter? You see, there’s a whole lot more to love than just physical touch and showing you off to the world on social media. Affection is in the little details.

It’s about sending you little love notes, buying you a flower for your work table rather than roses that die in a couple days, taking you on spontaneous adventures, asking if you ate today. Heck, even him offering to hold your hand when you take selfies!

3. He Spends Quality Time With You
Time is very important in any relationship. It’s always a good sign if he feels comfort in your presence and wants to be around you.

However, there’s a fine line between clinging and possessive behavior so remember that time away from each other is healthy. Time apart can also prove just how strong your connection really is. So if he spends quality time with you, ensuring you are appreciated and cared for, he is a keeper.

4. He Handles Conflict With Patience
How he handles this will show you who he is. Remember that tantrums and shouting and blame naming are for toddlers! And it takes two to be mature when it comes to conflict. Take deep breaths and notice how patient he is.

If he is reasonable in situations where you do not agree, this is a very good sign.

5. He’s Always There For You
When you’ve had a bad day, when you’e sick or something unexpectedly goes wrong, the man you should marry will answer your calls. He will show up in person to talk things through and generally, he will always be there for you. Every step of the way.

6. He Shares His Food With You
This is a true sacrifice for most people (including us ladies), especially when he hasn’t eaten in a while.

Sharing meals, hobbies and encouraging you in all your dreams is a necessity for a man you will spend the rest of your life with. Let love be fun, free and happy!

7. You Can Trust Him
Everyone’s way of building trust with someone is different and sometimes it may take some time. That is perfectly okay.

He will be the person you wake up to, come home to and do almost everything with. Challenge your fear and trust him with little things like being punctual and him meaning what he says and proving it through his actions.

8. He Respects You
How does he speak to you? Does he want to be physical right away?

If he speaks to you with the same amount of respect when he’s upset then when he’s happy, he is a good man. Does he hold the door open for you? If you don’t feel like a goddess when you’re with him, what are you doing?

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