Aaron Carter was particularly OBSESSED with one family member

Aaron Carter was said to have a peculiar obsession with a family member.

The 34-year-old former child star was discovered dead inside his bathtub at his Lancaster, California, home over the weekend.

The “I’m All About You” singer, who previously admitted to a huffing addiction, was discovered surrounded by multiple cans of compressed air and bottles of prescription medicines.

Aaron was enamored with his elder brother Nick Carter, according to Aaron’s close buddy Gary Madatyan.

He is claimed to have been “calling out” for his elder brother’s affection for years, and he frequently discussed reconciling with the “I Want It That Way” hitmaker right up to his tragic death.

Gary also stated that Aaron’s mental health strained his connection with his family and fiancée, Melanie Martin.

Aaron, on the other hand, apparently want to make right with individuals he had wronged.

Gary told Page Six that he thought Nick, the Backstreet Boys singer, could have done more for his younger brother.

“I’m not passing judgment on him. I’m not saying anything negative since I admire him. He’s a brilliant artist. I adore him, but Aaron had a crush on his sibling.”

Gary added that people suffering from mental illnesses think differently, and he described the “Candy” singer as always “pushing, prodding to gain that attention.”

“Aaron did things to his brother that he should never have done, but we’re talking about mental health here.” He was pleading for assistance.”

Despite Aaron and Nick Carter’s fractured relationship, a spokesman for the younger brother stated they were in a good position before his terrible death.

“He looked up to Nick in so many ways,” they stated in a statement on Monday to HollywoodLife. “They were trying to make everything good again.”

Fans could witness what life was like in the Carter family on the now-defunct reality program “House of Carters,” which was canceled in 2006 after eight episodes.

During a fall interview, Aaron discussed his poor relationship with Nick. Following the announcement of his DUI, Aaron mentioned his elder brother’s public support on Twitter.

Their relationship became more difficult in 2019 after the “Shape Of My Heart” boyband singer accused Aaron of threatening his wife Lauren and their children. Aaron was served with a restraining order as a result of this.

After Nick did not attendhis sister Leslie’s funeral in 2012, the brothers’ feud resurfaced.

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