Aaron Carter’s Memoir Release Delayed, This Is Why!

After reports that Aaron Carter’s memoir will be pushing through, the publisher of the late popstar’s book has now postponed the release date following the backlash it has amounted to recently.

It was reported that right before he passed away, Carter was working on his own memoir. Shortly after his death, the publisher has already expressed plans on continuing it.

However, a recent report from Page Six claims that Carter, in a statement that his publicist said, apparently wanted to stop the publishing of his memoir.

“Aaron, in the midst of [working on the book], said, ‘I want nothing to do with this’ and stopped,” his publicist says. “So the fact that the publisher is saying it’s green-lit, it’s not. That’s against Aaron’s wishes.”

Aside from this pushback, Hillary Duff, Carter’s ex-girlfriend, has also doubled down on the memoir’s release.

“To water down Aaron’s life story to what seems to be unverified click-bait for profit is disgusting. In no way do I condone shedding any light on what is so obviously an uninformed, heartless, money grab,” she said in a statement.

It was also reported that the memoir had contained recollections of Carter’s and Duff’s relationship – even recalling how the two had engaged in a sexual relationship at the young age of 13.

“Hilary and I lost our virginity to each other at a hotel… in LA I think it was her birthday, maybe her 13th, but I don’t remember. Her friends walked in, and we just yelled at them to get out,” Carter said in the memoir.

After Carter’s team’s crackdown, the publisher has already folded and postponed the memoir’s release date.

Supposedly, “Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life,” shall hit the stands on Nov. 15, exactly 10 days after his death last Nov. 5, 2022.

According to an exclusively given statement to Entertainment Weekly, Ballast Books, the publisher of the Aaron Carter memoir has postponed the release date out of respect to Carter’s family.

“Out of respect for the Carter family, my client has decided to defer the further release of the book at this time,” the publishing company said. Mr. Carter was not just a celebrity but also a father, a brother, a son, and a friend to many still grieving for him.”

Ballast Books has not given out any dates yet when they would finally publish the controversial memoir.


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