Are You Eating Your Oreos the Right Way?

OREOS fans are shocked after learning the so-called right way to eat the cookies..

A TikToker has shed light on how to properly dip the cookies into milk without the cookie crumbling in your hands or making a drippy mess.

TikTok account @actuallifehack, which, true to its account name, unearths life hacks applicable to the real world, showed users in a recent video the ultimate way to eat an Oreo cookie.

While the video is just nine seconds in length, it could be life-changing to lovers of the classic, crunchy treat.

“Oreos are meant to be eaten with a fork,” a voice behind a camera said before sticking the pronged utensil into the cookie’s creamy center.

The hand in the video then dips the entire Oreo-full fork end into the milk, holds it for a few seconds to absorb the milk into the cookie, and takes it out, moist and ready to eat.

Next, the cookie disappears behind the camera, and viewers can guess from the audible crunch and “mmm” sound that it disappeared into mouth heaven.

Users in the comments had varying reactions to this sweet secret.

One said: “Really, I’ve been eating them with a fan blade and a glass of water,” using sarcasm to recognize that the hack is obvious to some and a total shock to others.

An Oreo pro in the comments section said: “Been doin this for years, it’s true.”

A more traditional TikToker protested the hack: “No, what, no, no something is wrong here.”

User @actuallifehack had choice words in reply to another comment, urging that a fork is the ultimate sophistication in Oreo cookie eating.

Simply, the comment questioned: “Wait, fr?”

In reply, @actuallifehack said: “I saw an absolute animal just straight dipping by hand.

“Some people have given up on life, but you’ll never catch me hand-dipping an Oreo.”

Another comment missed the point of the video altogether, focusing instead on the milk content.

“You barely even soaked them,” the commenter said with a furrowed-brow frowny face to go with it.

Anybody who makes a mess of this cookies and milk combo might be doing it wrong

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