Audi e-Tron Sportback: UK spec and prices released

Audi said that the e-Tron Sport Utility has enabled consumers to easily switch to electric motors, and now is the time to fix the situation with the bolder and more popular e-Tron Sportback.

It follows the same protocol as the K3 and Sportback SUV, which is a coupe in the shape of a roof and is based on performance. So you can only buy the more powerful 55 Quattro, and the hardware structure starts at £ 79,000 for the S-Line.

This means that the air suspension has a sports kit, 21-inch wheels, Matrix LED headlights and more dynamic tones.

Valkona has an electric leather trimmed leather seat, part of the jeep technology, a virtual cabin, an MMI touch screen and a wireless charger.

One of the S Line lines is a $ 85,900 version with a black dot, 21-inch alloy wheels, a virtual mirrored door (mostly a camera) and a full panoramic roof. In terms of driver assistance technology, the Launch Edition has a 360-degree camera, an adjustable cruise and the ability to track all your dead spots.

Finally, the top of the tree is a Vorsprung engine weighing 95,100 kilograms with matte 22-inch titanium alloy wheels and orange jaws. The door has an automatic lock and heats the steering wheel. You can also get a stereo Bang & Olufs with 19 speakers and a super sports seat with striped diamonds.

Isn’t that more practical?

In fact, the new roofline is 20mm wider than the SUV, with a 615-liter boot between the front and rear shoes. Lower the rear seat and increase it to 1665 liters.

Audi has officially unveiled the e-Tron S, shown here in Sportback format. Available in the summer of 2020, the cloth has £ 88,700.

This is not the usual e-Tron SUV. He passed internal technology, design, leadership and so on. However, as with other Audi cars, the e-tron Sportback has slightly higher suspension than conventional cars. Read more about the electronic Tron Sportback.

Find out more about the Audi e-Tron Sportback S.

As expected, Audi introduced the e-Tron S-performance and Sportback models. Power is calculated at a high torque of 496 horsepower and 718 kilograms, which is a significant difference compared to the more powerful version without S, 55 kV. The 95 kWh battery (Audi claims drivers can use 86 kWh) gives 226 miles.

The E-Tron S has three engine configurations instead of the usual two quattro; The engine separates the front axle and each rear wheel separately. Under normal driving conditions, only the rear engines work, and when the locomotive is lost, the front engine is inserted. There is a sporty ESC setting and in combination with the dynamic mode of the selected drive Audi claims to be able to control this EV. We proved that we control the first prototype.

By the way, the Model S has been upgraded with adjustable air suspension, and in the UK the cars have standard 21-inch wheels, while the disc inserts have the Model S 23 mm wider than the standard e-Tron.

Please give me a typical e-Tron Sportback

Like the typical E-Tron SUV, there are two electric versions, the 50 and 55, which are part of Audi’s conventional electric versions. That’s £ 418 308 horsepower (£ 398 or 355 horsepower). Audi says it is 277 miles away from the low-power version.

Battery 50 has 71kVg, and 55 more than 95kVg. Both have cars with all-wheel drive e-quattro on each axle.

We all know that the E-Tron S version has three electronic motors and is more powerful.

The Sportback version is essentially similar to the interior and technology (including an unusual virtual mirror) like a regular SU-e-Tron. However, what is new is that the lights of the Audi digital matrix …

Audi digital matrix’s easy debut

The latest version of the light adapter in Ingolstadt, called Digital Matrix Lights (DML), is also new to the Sportback. Functionally, they offer a more detailed beam design than existing Matrix LED systems, with some additional features.

Instead of LEDs in DML light, a mirror reflecting chip with 1.3 million microscope mirrors that can be tilted 5,000 times per second is used. This is the same technology as a movie projector.

This allows you to place the light beam where it is needed, covering other machines much more densely than in the previous system. However, it should be more reliable than the system – Audi said it could have 4,000 or 3,500 pounds.

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