Audi Q5 Sportback revealed

It made sense for the A4 to split into the A5 when Audi had to upgrade and rearrange its two-door coupe. It was logical that the ambitious nature of 4×4 would tie the K SUV to the A5, not the A4. Then the A5 got a five-door hatchback, the Sportback, which in any case makes it a little more functional than the A4.

At this point, it’s no surprise that the K5 now has a Sportback version. We are still waiting for a coupe and a two-door convertible …

How many SUVs does Audi currently have?
Three. This includes the all-electric e-Tron, so the K5 Sportback fits perfectly into the product range for customers who only need a tilted rear window. The other is the K3 Sportback, which is probably more attractive than the regular K3, but shows the mixing of its brother with the A3 Sportback, which is not actually in the shape of a coupe.

It could also be argued that the K8 falls into this category, but is not called the Sportback.

Audi K5 Sportback

In return for a sloping rear window and a “sportier” look, the 4.69-meter-long SUV offers you 7mm more. This is the difference between gluing a spike or using screws with plastic covers, so you can be forgiven for not realizing it. Despite the appearance, the height and width remain the same, so the head space is slightly reduced. With the new honeycomb-shaped grille, it’s a little easier to see the K5 Sportback from the front. What you can’t see is 0.30 Cd, which is a useful reduction in resistance.

Sportback K5 rear seats

The dimensions compared to the K5 remain basically unchanged, the areas that will be affected by the new body style remain extremely functional. The boot volume is 510 liters, which increases to 570 liters with the new optional fully equipped sliding rear seat, and the maximum capacity is 1,480 liters.

That is a drop of 70 liters from the K5 dryer, which is just one of the smallest options in this segment. 40 of these liters were lost under the packing shelf.

Interestingly, this new look suggests that the Sportback K5 is a more suitable option for families with older children.

New Sportback K5 profile

OLED lights: you choose the signature
Audi is new to the K5 Sportback and is once again setting new standards for the rear lights. Well, now they all have some sort of speed indicator (Ford USA had it in the 60s, but for now we’ll ignore it). OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is most commonly associated with high-end TVs and smartphone screens. However, the benefits of strong, steady lighting and directional LEDs have resulted in multi-segment taillights that can be displayed by a variety of companies. sparkling.

There seem to be three models to choose from when ordering a car. When the car is in dynamic driving mode, an additional mode is provided.

Rear lights Audi K5 Sportback

These lights have a different purpose; When the car is stationary, proximity sensors warn of traffic at two meters and illuminate all segments. Having a Sportback K5 in the crowd will be a lot of fun.

The K5 bar driver won’t miss the fun – the Sportback benefits from the latest advances in Audi’s intelligent adaptive cruise control, which uses cloud-labeled data cards and recognizes roadmaps for defensive driving and forecasting. Route and speed to improve efficiency and average speed, as well as improve lane maintenance.

That’s a good thing, because the latest version of MMI lacks a small touchpad on the info-entertainment management console.

Sportback K5 control panel

Based on the MIB 3 (modular entertainment system, no movie), the K5 Sportback benefits from the same updates as the classic A5 and K5 MMI, ie. Touch screen interaction to recognize 1-inch to 1-inch and 1-inch handwriting and related services and smartphone integration. The virtual cockpit is the latest 12.3-inch screen. Most of the control panel architecture and technology is shared with K5.

Another sports note?
The chassis uses Audi springs and “sporty” tuning instead of the standard K5 design, which reduces the car by 15 mm and increases responsiveness. Otherwise there are the same options: for a. You can choose inflated and adjustable coils or air suspension

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