Autocar confidential: Merc talks PHEV range, Britishvolt bullish about Blyth and more

In this week’s car review and whispering, Anthony talked about the war, explaining why the PHEV series discovered the new Mercedes Benz tree, and much more.

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To be introduced in the Shortest Hybrid Version of the Mercedes-Benz C, there are several examples without plugs for a lower starting price. Chief Operating Officer Marcus Schaefer said: “If you want to drive [form], it’s about 60 miles of pleasure because there are no drivers, no waste most of the day. Moreover, we have no plans

The new Combi store is still available.

BMW has come to life for almost 60 years with the new electric station wagon brand. But it’s just as ingrained, says Carl, 500 R & Carrots. “We could not arbitrarily choose the model from almost sixty years ago, because the new real estate architecture, which constantly uses electrical and digital technology, is a very important factor. It is a new beginning for the entire BMW line, “he said. The BMW EVS will be completely different from 2025. But the original car with rear-wheel drive in the New Benz showroom will not be built.

Britishvolt bull from Blit

Newly elected British adviser Joe Bakaj believes that Dion and the newly formed battery manufacturer Blitda (Northumberland) will be successful. “It would be great if the UK produced batteries with free technology. Pay,” he said. The influence of the components was noted. “And the possibility of continuous integration of raw materials into renewable energy sources in the form, contact the store and in terms of local environmental impact.”

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