Bentley Flying Spur review: heavy hitter

The new Bentley Flying Spur is not so much an evolutionary advance over the previous model, but a huge step forward. Like its sister vehicle, the beautiful two-door Continental GT rides on a completely new platform (also a Porsche Panamera), has a significantly improved 12-cylinder V-shaped engine and is in front of an alloy. for the previous model in terms of performance, comfort, style and driver attractiveness.

Although conceptually a 12-cylinder luxury sedan, the new Flying Spur looks as close to the future as the technologically recognized Flying Scotsman. It should be noted that the 48-volt electrically controlled suspension is designed to dampen body rollers in narrow or fast corners, providing flexibility at low speeds or on uneven road surfaces. Continental GT uses the same technology. There are also large air springs with three chambers that can be switched off when comfort is needed and power when excitement is needed. Part of the melody automatically shuts off when you want to play instead of the melody.

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Other 21st century technologies include a surveillance camera, self-parking and an infrared night vision connection, visible at 300 meters. Active heating allows you to warm up the car from the phone. All-wheel electric steering allows the large car to turn much less and achieve a net turning radius of 11.05 meters. It also promotes stability at high speeds. The body is made of specially designed aluminum, which improves the cutting lines and surface.

Flying Spur side profile

Even the 12-cylinder engine, which looks more like Roaring Twenties than in 2020, will be full of devices. These include cylinder deactivation (so you can drive like a brighter six-cylinder when driving smoothly), high-pressure direct fuel injection, and improved engine management software to improve throttle response. and fuel economy. (which is 15% better than the old Spur). Although the average size of a large Bentley is still less than 20 megapixels, all signs of durability should be handled with care.

How do you feel about driving?

If BMW were to launch a hybrid of its M5 saloon and Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan, it would be a car similar to the new Flying Spur. That’s why the new Spur, priced at £ 168,300, is a stunning combination of luxury and performance.

It can be moved quietly and comfortably with rear head cushions, limousine legroom and five different massage settings for the rear seats. There is also a 14-seat refrigerator with adjustable rear seats. And, of course, the interior is an oasis of hand-embroidered leather, with finely polished wood veneer and diamond grooves decorated with bright colors, not to mention the moving ambient lighting. It’s a good car to drive.

Flying Spur in the last lap

Exit the wide three-lane or city streets and turn A or B and you will soon realize that this car is also fun to drive. Choose the Sport configuration and your 2.4-tonne 209-inch sedan will quickly replace your tuxedo. You’re in a fiery gym that can go 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds and cut the curls of hairpins and rolled knees with safer legs and faster speeds than any large sedan. bulky. Well, the BMW M5 is not very neat, but the M5 is more or less fast and fast. It can reach a top speed of 207 miles per hour, making it the fastest sedan in the world. The huge torque of the crane means that the current traction can reach any speed at any time.

The secret of its sporty transformation lies mainly in the electrically adjustable intelligent 48 V suspension, which for the second time can bring flexibility to sports cars. Moreover, the architecture of the chassis and automatic transmission with a double clutch and a 12-cylinder twin-cylinder 6.0-liter, 626 horsepower, common to the Continental GT Coupe (and the latest Panamera), are clearly out of place. Four- and four-wheel drive also help calm winding roads. 4vd has a reverse bias to help control.

The download method is also available to limousine owners who want to drive like Levis …

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