BMW Expands M Line to Motorcycles with the Powerfully Fast M 1000 RR

For the first time in history, BMW put the legendary M badge on one of its motorcycles and what kind of motorcycle it is: M 1000 RR.

You may have been hit by the S 1000 RR, the scream of a bicycle that has been in the BMW Motorrad barn for years, but the M 1000 RR takes the S and plunges into the M.

Imagine 212 hp. on a bicycle that weighs only 423 kilograms – the rest is almost elusive. This is a power-to-weight ratio of less than 2: 1. The best supercars are in a 5: 1 weight carrier, and few drive them. So, this crazy thing is fast, incredibly responsive and has enough electronics to drive many drivers.

It is understandable that the data label will focus on the existing S 1000 RR, on which the M 1000 RR is based, which is almost the same as the new M with a half lower price. We enter the data in a few seconds, but according to American rules, the M 1000 RR offers the same power and torque as the S 1000 RR: 205 hp. at 13,000 rpm (!!!) and 83 pounds at 11,000 rpm. An empty SAE vehicle is four kilograms lighter than the M model, and the S model has almost as much electronic driving and steering as the M. However, while the S 1000 RR costs $ 16,995, the M 1000 RR sticker costs $ 32,990.

You have to be very good – no, make him a great driver who will differentiate him.

weight / power ratio of the gods bmv m 1000 rr
The new M 1000 RR makes it easier to scratch your knees.
The reason why the special American motorcycle produces only 205 hp. (if! ONLY 205) is that it is “in accordance with American rules / restrictions that meet American requirements,” states BMW. However, the differences are insignificant. In fact, from 2018, you can buy additional M kits and parts of M-products for BMW motorcycles. Once you start increasing the price of these parts, you will begin to understand why the M 1000 RR glue is so loaded with M parts, and then you will decide to get a higher yield.

Characteristic M is a four-cylinder array. Although it received the same ShiftCam technology as the S, with variable service life and valve lift, this feature was changed to M. The maximum power is reported at 14,500 rpm instead of the 13,000 ° C model, although it is still not clear, the maximum increase is indicated by M. spec.

But the M engine has: lighter Mahle pants with two rings, a single combustion chamber, compression ratio increased by 13.5: 1, longer and lighter titanium hollow belts on the exhaust side, narrower and lighter saws, new inlet channel with new channel geometry, improved camshafts and machined “inlet surface”. Titanium exhaust is also a saving. The M engine gets more power at 6,000 rpm and a red line at 15,100 rpm to make it easier to hear the incision of the canyon in and around the city.

BMW seems to be very proud of its carbon fiber M wings, which produce 35.9 kilograms of power at a speed of 189 miles per hour.

“The world’s superbike is mostly production-based,” said Mark Bongers, BMW Motorrad, director of Motorsport. “That means that many parts of the production bike need to be delivered one by one to the World Superbike and they can’t be changed. Wonderful examples of that are the beautiful wings. Adapted to the production bike.”

The brakes are another unique feature, this is the first case of World Superbike brakes that are mounted on a road bike. In addition to optimizing fluid balance to improve pressure point stability, the brakes offer maximum stability and handling. This reduces it from 189 km / h to zero in 10.7 seconds.

Imagine that the M 1000 RR is the world’s street bike. By default, you get many options from the Model S, as well as numerous engine and brake repairs that are specific to the M. Was it worth it? If you start gluing and gluing the edge faster than anyone else, but still want more, here you are.

BMW is said to produce only 500 worldwide, so contact your dealer immediately. Look for availability in the spring, on time for races and the racing season. Maybe you can try World Superbike?

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