BMW X7 review: Munich’s behemoth gets a grilling

For a long time, BMW introduced the X5 – bringing enough SUVs (and SUVs, for example) to join the Legion of Classic SUVs when they entered private schools. Success opened the door to smaller X-cars and they bought five doors, but BMW – perhaps ironically – never launched the largest and most profitable Range Rover series after funding the previous generation of classrooms. But now it comes with X7.

Prices start at 75-75,000 at the other end and you don’t see much: BMW plans to import about 800 cylinders a year – the tenth X5 recorded in 2018.

When you say “bigger” …
It’s beautiful. Despite the reason for the first net in Buckingham Palace, the biggest BMW is not an unusual mammoth. The length of 5151 mm and over 2.3 tons of X51 is between the slightly smaller and lighter Range Rover and the slightly larger and heavier Mercedes GLS. The 7 Series is slightly smaller, the version with long axles is larger in height, width and dwarf.

Rear wheel BMW X7

The X7 shares the basic CLAR architecture with the 7 Series, but lacks a 7-core carbon fiber structure in places such as tunnels and console rails. , except aluminum and steel. Because the X7 was not produced in Germany, for example in the 7 Series, but in the BMW factory in Spartanburg, USA.

We are told that, although BMW is a source of carbon fiber for American cars, it is very expensive to make. “You can also invest in this category of applications,” explains our source.

The equipment is absolutely generous: the kDrive 40i has a 21-inch port, air suspension, panoramic roof, easy access through gently closed doors and the new iDrive 7.0 watches – you can talk about it, tilt the screen with your fingers to touch it, even though it looks complicated communication .

The interior features a uniform rich, luxurious expansion skin and a unique digital display, as well as a 12.3-inch crystal-shaped iDrive adapter. Forget about 2.3 tons of weight.

The BMW X7 is in the first three quarters

What engines are there?
There are three and six cylinders in the UK. But within a few years, they were released and replaced. The KDrive 40i is a 3.0-liter test vehicle with 329 hp and a speed of 27.7 mpg and 233 g / km. There’s also the kDrive 40d, a 335-hp diesel version that delivers 36.2 megapixels and 204 grams / km.

The highlight of the series is the 523 hp M50i, which can accelerate from 0 to 162 km / h in just 4.7 seconds, which is great thanks to the huge weight of the X7.

How do I drive a car?
The BMW is installed even more comfortably than the 7 Series, and it is definitely a quiet, airy environment and – the engineers are very proud – a tank full of liquid. The suspension movements are a light break, but although this experience is for comfort, I never want to have fun, because the suspension movements are so well organized.

The seats are extremely comfortable, like the sound of the wind and the road absorbing goose cushions, and Bowers and Wilkins have turned our entire cabin into a more expensive suit that absorbs the sound of our car.

The BMW X7 drives forward

It works well, even the kDrive40i does not seem broken despite the need for charging: up to 1500 rpm. It offers brightness at lower speeds, works smoothly in the speed range and pulls well when parked, etc. A targeted but seamless charging protocol also meets the requirements.

We have been testing the kDrive30d M Sport ever since. With 264 hp and power between 75 and 75,000 hp, it is probably the most popular X7 in the series. In fact, 0-62 km / h in 7.0 seconds is faster than expected for a car of this size – but we broke the most powerful petrol engines available. Perfectly, don’t compare it to Newton’s boring engine. Fortunately, it was later replaced with about 40 goals.

Go to the corner
Despite the comfortable ride, BMW’s engineers are fighting for first-class dynamics – yes, a suspension expert who knew that VTCC and DTM quickly dispel the fear that it is mostly BMW. less dynamic (and slightly murmurs with front wheels k gray).

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