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Fans Left Impatient After Mike Tyson’s LATEST Announcement

2022 has been a rollercoaster year for boxing legend Mike Tyson. From being wheelchair bound after suffering from a sciatica flare-up in his lower back to recovering, Tyson has seemingly been through a lot.

However, Iron Mike is back in full health and is now set to explore things that he couldn’t previously. It was recently announced that the former heavyweight champion will be a part of the opening ceremony of an Italian restaurant.

Robkes Italian restaurant recently announced that Tyson would be a part of their ‘Birdie Bar’ which will be opened with the restaurant. Tyson’s fascination with pigeons is well known, thus it was no surprise that they chose Iron Mike for this. “Mike Tyson. Stay tuned for Birdie Bar ! Opening Night to be announced soon !” they wrote in the caption.

Moreover, the fans were also quite impatient with this announcement as they made their feelings known by reacting to it.

One fan pointed out the bag of cannabis Tyson was holding in the picture. He stated that he could not wait for Tyson to be featured in the opening night. “The Champ with a bag of weed! Can’t wait lol.” he wrote. Another fan claimed that he was looking forward to seeing the former heavyweight champ. “Look forward to it !!” he wrote.

Moreover, one fan praised Tyson referring to him as the champ. “Champ in the house,” he wrote. Lastly, one fan wanted to know the location of the restaurant so that he could witness Tyson live during the opening night.” What is the location?” he wrote

It has been a long time since Iron Mike made a public appearance locally. The former champ was initially set to be a part 5 Stones Fight Club amateur boxing event. However, he revealed that this was a rumor, and he had not made any deal with the Club. Thus it was no surprise to see fans excited to finally get a chance to meet Tyson in person.


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