Ferrari Omologato Is a Gorgeous One-off 812 Superfast but You Can’t Have it

Ferrari today launched a new car tailored to consumers: the new Omologato which is great, accurate and, as far as we know, fast. Fiorano won there and played well, although not for long.

This is the tenth Ferrari V12 front car and engine from 2009, the Aperta P540 Superfast. Designed for “smart European consumers”, Ferrari said, he did not mention it. According to Ferrari, the Omologato is “the latest offering in an exclusive Ferrari model produced by the manufacturer … living proof of the value that Ferrari defines for GT racing.” a car that is light on the road will reach the top of the road in the hands of the driver. ”

Or women leaders, we said.

The car has an 812 Superfast, a good place to power the V12. From there, the designer with Flavio Manzoni changes everything. The remains of the 812 are light and air, says Ferrari.

“The most difficult thing is to achieve a perfect balance between production and prevention,” said Ferrari. “People have to deny access to the contract and keep a very clear official voice.”

The interior has been redesigned according to the customer’s specifications, and the “electric blue” seats are complemented by an “unusual combination of leather and Aunde Jeans fabric”. (Everyone knows they’re Aunde Jeans, tell me.) The rest is black. The paint cracked in the steel bars, similar to those found on race cars in the 50s and 60s.

But the bad thing is that it only applies to these “European smart customers”, not to you and me. Is your Italian “oh *”?

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