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Genesis X electric coupe concept revealed

Genesis is a highly regarded X-Concept, which shows its vision of a durable, fast engine.

It is the fifth concept that the Korean premium brand has seen since Hyundai was founded in 2015, followed by New York, GV80, Essentia and Mint.

Although X is considered a full-fledged electrician, Genesis gives no other details about the performance, except for the claim that it is a “top GT”.

Instead, X is a design concept, and Genesis uses coupons to complete the ingenious vision of the two lines. This can be seen with light bulbs, light angles and many other things inside and out.

The first has a large grille – a typical feature of an electric car, although the covers are much smaller than a car with a built-in ignition engine. But Genesis strongly insists on this, in addition to lower air intakes, to improve airflow, reduce air resistance and increase engine torque.

The five-spoke “turbine” wheels and light green thickness show the characteristics of the car’s performance. In the background, Genesis says that the back is like a horse, which improves the beauty of the mind.

The images taken so far show external camcorders instead of the usual exterior mirrors.

Genesis tried to confirm the X concept in the “steering wheel” concept, with a soundboard and a center around the steering wheel. Four parts and seat belts ensure a sense of security while traveling.

The digital display includes infotainment and air conditioning, while an ice lever is used between the control positions.

The house is furnished with modern furniture. For example, the fabric with the type of fabric used for cables, guides and airbag protection is made from pieces of leather that are left in other production processes.

“The car we are exhibiting today is a concept car that builds on the basics of Genesis,” said leader Jai Chang.

Design manager Sangiup Lee added: “The Genesis X concept can be described as the best in athletic elegance, Genesis’ natural design language. The concept of both fun lines and features has become a model of futuristic design and cutting technology that Genesis intends to use. in future models. ”

In September last year, Genesis trained former Audi saleswoman Dominique Boesch to oversee the expansion of the market in Europe. This was expected to be in 2020, but has been postponed to 2021.

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