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‘Gran Turismo 7’ set to have most tuning parts in series history

Upcoming racing sim Gran Turismo 7 is set to have the most tuning parts in the series’ history.

That’s according to a new video, which was seemingly published early and spotted by VGC. In it, Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi showed off a wide range of the tuning options that will be available in the game, which is set to launch March 4, 2022.

“One of the great pleasures of owning a car is being able to customise and tune it,” Yamauchi says in the video. “The tiniest adjustments can make a difference. Tweaking the setup like this, or using this particular part, will change the car like this, and make it corner like this.”

Gran Turismo 7. Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Gran Turismo 7. Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Yamauchi went on to explain that he thinks the system is best experienced through trial and error: “I think this process of tuning the car to your exact preference through trial and error is really enjoyable. In Gran Turismo 7, we’re going to have the most number of parts we’ve ever had available for tuning the cars in the game.”

This video follows the recent revelation that Gran Turismo 7 would feature over 400 cars in the game as well. In that video, Yamauchi confirmed that the title will feature modern cars as well as “many of the most fascinating cars from motoring history”.

Yamauchi stated: “I think the act of collecting these cars is another important side to car culture,” adding that “Gran Turismo 7 includes cutting-edge PS5 quality models, but what makes Gran Turismo 7 special isn’t just the high quality. It’s also the sheer number of car models it contains.”

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