Has Kylie Jenner Finally Revealed The Name of Her 8 Months Old Son?!

IT has now been eight months since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second child.

But outside of a few weeks where the baby boy was known as “Wolf”, the Kardashians star has yet to reveal her son’s final name.

That hasn’t stopped fans from trying to figure it out for themselves, deciphering any clue they can as they try to determine if the truth is out there.

Most recently, Kylie’s latest collaboration has fans thinking she hinted at the little one’s moniker in the design.

The Kar-Jenners recently joined forces with luxury designer Judith Leiber to create their own signature handbags.

Kylie shared one of the first photos of the boy after his birth

Earlier this week, the company’s official Instagram page shared the famous family’s unique creations that were handpicked and autographed by the Hulu stars.

Each handbag has a special meaning for the clan, with Kylie’s silver lightning bolt-shaped handbag had fans questioning if it signified her son’s name.

One person posed the theory in an online thread, writing: “Maybe the Baby FKA Wolf’s new name is Bolt or Lightning.”

Another echoed the thought: Bolt is a good guess! I can hear her saying, ‘Boltiiiiiii you look like mommy baybiiiiii!'”

Kylie has yet to share a full body shot of the boy

Perhaps the only bigger secret than her son’s name is his appearance, as Kylie has been extra careful not to reveal too much.

But she has provided some snippets of her son, and what she has shared are adorable.

Take a look at the pics of Kylie’s baby boy that have been released, along with the latest speculation over his final name.

Kylie, 25, and long-time boyfriend Travis Scott, 31, welcomed their second child in February 2022.

The following month, she shared their change of heart – and name – on an Instagram story.

“FYI our sons name isn’t Wolf anymore,” she wrote at the time. “We just really didn’t feel like it was him.

“Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Viewers were introduced to Khloe and Tristan’s second child, who they welcomed via surrogate, during the Hulu shows second season, as cameras were rolling at the time of his birth.

At one point, the Good American founder called her eldest child to meet her little brother when True blurted out a name unbeknownst to fans.

As Khloe turned her cellphone camera toward her sleeping baby, cradled in her arms, True greeted the newborn with a giant grin on her face.

“Hi Snowy!” True said.

“His name is not Snowy,” Khloe corrected her while giggling.

The birth of the reality star’s second child was covered at the start of the second episode of The Kardashians’ new season.

Kylie showed off some legs - her son's legs - in a summer pic

Referring to her son’s birth date of February 2, Kylie then squealed: “Happy birthday 2/2/22!”

Viewers at home wondered if Kylie’s words could allude to her son being called “Two”.

One wrote on Reddit: “I know this is wild, but could Kylie have named her son something involving ‘two?’

“She’s obsessed with the baby being born on 2/2/22, and on the show last night said something like, ‘Happy birthday, two!'”

Another agreed: “Travis Scott is actually a ‘the second’ isn’t he with his real name? Could be something related to that?”

Travis’ full name is Jacques Bermon Webster II.

One TikTok user claims to have “cracked the code” through trademarks registered by Kylie.

The baby mama reportedly submitted a trademark application with the name “Kristan.”

The TikToker pointed out that Kristan is Kylie’s middle name and that the reality star reportedly filed the application about “13 days after her boy was born.”

The fan also shared the trademark application for Kristan Wolf Enterprises.

Kylie reportedly filed the trademark a month after Kristan was trademarked.

Earlier this month, Kylie posted a series of photos on her Instagram and added the caption “Home,” along with multiple butterfly emojis.

Two of which showcased her baby boy.

In the comments section of her post, fans were loving the closer look at her recent addition and were more than willing to believe her baby’s name is “Home.”

Travis shared a snap of his son's matching sneakers on Father’s Day

“U named him HOME,” one fan deduced.

“homie babyyy,” wrote a second in Kylie voice.

A third agreed: “So I’m guessing baby’s name is Home.”


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