Judge Len Goodman SNAPS At Tyra Banks

DANCING With the Stars host Tyra Banks has ruffled judge Len Goodman’s feathers according to viewers following an awkward exchange.

The head-turning moment occurred after Charli D’amelio and Mark Ballas had wrapped up performing their Argentine Tango to a thunderous ovation from fans.

Dancing With the Stars' Len Goodman snapped at host Tyra Banks on Monday night
Dancing With the Stars’ Len Goodman snapped at host Tyra Banks on Monday night.
It came after the famous model seemed to poke fun at the 78-year-old
It came after the famous model seemed to poke fun at the 78-year-oldCredit: Disney+.

As Charli and Mark listened in on their feedback, Len told the teen: “… You just moved across the floor with effortless ease. I was transported to some club in Argentina.”

“You’re dancing just brings a chill to my spine, well done,” the 78-year-old raved.

Tyra then chimed in: “I heard the audience make a sound when Len said he was transported to a club in Argentina,” as she mocked what the judge would look like dancing.

“What you talking about a club?” she asked, to a quiet reaction as Len looked over to fellow judge Derek Hough with a confused look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Len hit back.

Seconds later, the famous model rushed over to Len to explain what just went down.

“When you said club they laughed!” Tyra told him once again mocking his dancing as Len finally acknowledged the joke and looked away.

Fans were quick to notice the moment as they reacted on Twitter.

“Len doesn’t like Tyra,” one person claimed as another added: “Len totally just clowned on Tyra.”

A third said: “What happened with Len and Tyra?” and one chimed in, “Len’s so tired of Tyra.”

“Len is powerful enough to get them to fire Tyra, right?” a viewer hoped.

“She’s so annoying!” a frustrated fan raged.

The tense moment comes as the 48-year-old has received plenty of heat from fans for her hosting abilities.

On last week’s episode, the America’s Next Top Model alum had fans “grossed out” after she chowed down on fried chicken, almost choking in the moment.

Drag Queen Shangela– dancing with her pro partner Gleb Savchenko– pulled the fried chicken from her gown and presented it to everyone after her performance.

“Tyra flubs all her lines and names anyway, she may as well go ahead and eat chicken while trying to talk now, too,” one viewer said at the time.

Others simply pointed out at the pure “chaos” of the episode.

Fans have continued to be tough on Tyra all season long for different instances, slamming her for light-hearted moments, flubs, and more.

It has gotten so bad that some viewers have been vocal about boycotting the show- which airs on Disney+- unless Tyra is given the boot.

However, Tyra isn’t the only one in hot water, so is her new co-host, Alfonso Ribeiro.

Previously, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum wondered if the chemistry between dancing pair Emma Slater and Trevor Donovan was more than just acting.

Emma recently split from her ex-husband, Sasha Farber, who is also a pro on DWTS- and was in the room when the question was asked.

“Wow, Alfonso. What?!” Emma asked while Trevor stayed silent for the moment while on stage.

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