Julia Fox Admits She Spent Her 27th Birthday

Julia Fox cried her eyes out on her 27th birthday, she admits.

Speaking in a TikTok video over the weekend, the Uncut Gems star talked about her fear of survival in Hollywood amid aging.

“This is how deep this s**t is for women…In the entertainment industry, 30 is f***ing considered old,” Julia explained in the video.

Julia explained: “My BFF Harmony, God rest her soul, came and flew in to see me because she knew I’d be taking it really hard.

“My friends tried to come in my room with candles and cupcakes and s**t and I literally was like, ‘Get the f**k out! I told you we’re not celebrating! There’s nothing to celebrate!’.”

She said she was “such a tyrant” during her big day and she just wanted “the day to pass”.

“I was like, ‘Don’t post. I don’t want to draw attention to the fact that I’m 27. I just want it to pass by like any other day’,” she added.

“And that’s sad because Harmony, the girl I was with, she died. She’s not even gonna have the privilege of getting older, you know. So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

Julia explained that “aging is fully in” as well as “wearing anything you want”, that includes “bellies hanging over the low rise jeans”.

She continued: “And we know it so let’s stop lying to ourselves. Getting old is f***ing hot, okay?

“It is sexy. It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f***ing trenches, okay? And I’m not going back there,” she concluded.

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