Kia XCeed (2020) review: niche, but not bad

Holy practice to fill the place of Batman! Kia’s KSCeed is a multi-platform network. The goal is for everyone to have something when everyone is behind it. See a list of the most wanted cars.

The idea of ​​the KSCeed is to drive like a regular sedan, but it offers a little more practicality and a little more pleasure than a standard Ceed.

What does KSCeed mean?
In addition to the usual opening (Ceed), field (Ceed Sportsvagon) and less practical field (ProCeed), here is another member of the already large Ceed family. All of these cars have similar engines and driving experiences, but are created for different people.

KSCeed narrows the gap between the stunning Ceed and Mutter Sportage, but differs little from Stonić.

Kia KSCeed in the last quarter

This means that it is further from the floor locks, even from the Sportage, black plastic parts, the roof rack and the dirtier look that attracts the buyers of the SUV coupe. I’m glad this isn’t the usual roof on stilts, with some look to make us feel like a different model.

Tell us more about engine specifications.
The most powerful in the UK is the engine with 138 turbochargers and 138 hp. There is no version of the Ceed GT with 1.6 hp. Also: Version 1.4 fits well with KSCeed, is quite penetrating and not completely clear, even if you are not thirsty. The 1.4 is the only British engine to have a very good DCT car from Kie. The crossing is extremely smooth, and other obstacles at low speeds can sometimes be found in other cars.

Option 1.4 consists of a 1.0-liter compact compressor with a 1.0-liter turbocharger, which reduces input costs, and a 1.6-CRDi diesel, which is economical but by no means fast and unstable. Both are best suited for hand boxing to get the most out of it.

How do you drive
Interestingly, the Ceed behaves better than the SUV. Kia has almost fulfilled that desire to make a car that looks like an SUV, but still drives like a regular opening. This is because it is undoubtedly a normal vacuum. Although the KSCeed’s entrance is about 50 mm longer than a typical Ceed, the KSCeed’s entrance is as small as that of an untrained SUV sibling, and the ability to lower the driver’s seat to the ground only increases it. that feeling.

Kia KSCeed side frame

The chassis is improved over traditional Ceed models and provides a good balance between feeling as if you are strong enough to feel perfectly bent in corners without hitting the whole car and the ridge on the road. It is located in a beautiful location, and the highest quality KSCeed is also very agile on uneven roads in Great Britain. Higher traffic on the steering wheel doesn’t hurt, but Nuremberg wasn’t created just for Queed, is it?

Is it different than in Ceed?
Despite the fact that Kia Audi / BMW / Merc tried to go bankrupt, a small compromise was reached. The standard Ceed panel is decorated with the finest materials and details of the first version. It is still a large trunk (larger than the opening), easily fits in the back for adults and is very comfortable (and stays) while driving. The seats are great, and new digital buttons at the top of the equipment menu and a larger multimedia display are underway.

Inside the Kia KSCeed

If the first version doesn’t come out with yellow and leather seams, it’s still a good place inside. These new screens make the biggest difference: the digital wheels are clean and easy to use. The only difference in the design is that it presses a sports button. The multimedia system on the main touch screen has been updated. It looks a little more luxurious, finer than ever, but a little firmer and has more features.

Kia KSCeed: test
The standard Kia Ceed sedan is already a very good family limousine, so the siblings are crossed, of course. Some key competitors are improving the quality of KSCeed interior upholstery materials. At the softer end of the spectrum lies this vast sea of ​​artificial SUVs

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