Lamborghini Urus – The First 5-seat Supercar?

Lamborghini is often credited with building the world’s first Miura car.

In 1964, the middle engine was a two-seater party. But the design sets the standard for sporty performance and future supercars.

Half a century later, it is not surprising that people in Italy came up with something that looks funny on paper. But that could determine the future: the world’s first SUV in euros.

Yes, that’s right, the world’s first 5-seater supercar. An SUV that doesn’t just drive fast. But also drowning in driving on sand, dirt, snow and any other level you think of

I don’t think I remember another car that raised a lot of questions when I first told my friends and colleagues to use the Super SUV for a few days.

With us worth 217,500 euros, you may be wondering, what kind of people risk destroying their super car while driving off the road?

Also, who needs a high-speed SUV at 60 km / h in just 3.6 seconds?

And if you travel an average of 23 miles per gallon, wondering how many gas stations there are on the mountain?

Or will you wonder at the top if you can buy the fastest cash SUV that really proves the name of a super car?

Of course, the term super SUV is always harmful for those who claim that it is not a real Lamborghini, let alone a supercar. But if you think about it for a moment, this brave brother will run much more than his beloved sister and there is much more to choose from than the world’s first supercar to deal with this pit.

No matter what you say, I will surprise you with an amazing fact: Urs now make up 60%, more than half of all Lamborghini sales worldwide. This is a great thing

Its success is undoubtedly part of the same sharing platform as the Audi K7 and Porsche Cain. It is powered by a 4-liter V8 twin-turbo with an eight-speed automatic transmission that produces a whopping 641 horsepower.

All this means that, despite the weight of 2.2 tons, the euro is capable of changing speed at speeds of up to 189 kilometers per hour, but more importantly, it is a seductive combination of comfort and incompetence.

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