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Lotus Engineering partners with Jenson Button’s Extreme E team

Lotus Engineering, a consulting firm for a British sports car manufacturer, will act as the technical partner of Jason Button’s new GBSAC Racing Extreme team.

The JBKSE competition, the world champion in Form 1, in 2009, was established in the first season of the competition for single seats. Electronic team support software

Lotus Automotive chief Matt Windley said: “The difficult technical situation in the EV race is an exciting challenge and our decades have taken over the electric power of sports cars and hyperscans. With Lotus Ave., we can bring valuable knowledge to the team. & Rdquo;

Batten, who leads his team with Swedish player Mikhail Ahl-Kotolinski, called Lotus “the main brand in Great Britain, separate from motorsport”. “I want to announce that a brand like Lotus Engineering is coming on this journey. We are very proud of him, his team and us.”

Although Lotus Engineering has been suspended from the Lotus Group Road Car division, the agreement will result in the logo of a well-known company returning as an international car champion.

It is understood that Lotus Motorsport’s return options have been fully explored. A possible Form A campaign and the presence of F1 in partnership with the Alpine brand Renault will work on the new sports car.

Lotus is currently developing an electric SUV, and the company Xtra A will provide it with a way to present itself later. Although you use electric racing in the championship position. But the rules allow developers to use a gentle body behind the car on the road.

Coopra and the re-brand will be under contract with Spanish Sueja Abbott and Chip Ganassi Racing for the next season of Aquarium A. Updates are also displayed online.

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