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Lynk & Co 01 SUV launches in Europe

Two and a half years after the introduction of the SUV 01 in the first model, Link & Co finally explained in detail how it goes through traditional acquisitions when it first arrived in the UK in 2021 and flexible subscription services. available.

Link & Co is a new brand created by Chinese giant Geeli, which also owns Volvo and Lotus. In fact, since the Common Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform was developed by an international team from Gothenburg, Sweden, the Model 01 will be available on the same product line as the sleek KSC40.

“We will produce in Europe, focusing on hybrid electrical derivatives of our new line of machines,” said Alain Visser, senior vice president of Link & Co. “Our vehicles have a common innovation platform with Volvo, so it definitely makes sense to start production of European Link & Co with a trusted brand that is globally recognized for safety, quality, design and international appeal.

Read on to find out all about Link & Co’s first appearance.

Linz Ce 01 final

After a slight delay compared to launch plans by the end of 2018, customers in continental Europe will be able to buy Link & Co 01 by the end of 2020.

The key to the offer is simplicity: franchise dealers will have no additional costs and membership-based mobility solutions that will allow customers to rent a car at the time they need it if they don’t want it or need it. buy in a more traditional way. It also offers industry-leading wireless connections.

Technically, the Model 01 is very similar to the famous Volvo KSC40 SUV. The KSC40 has a common CMA platform, hybrid power plants and many advanced safety systems.

Where was the new SUV 01 produced?
Although part of China, Link & Co cars were designed and built in Gothenburg, Volvo’s hometown. Many of the top executives are former Volvo companies, and most of the technology – including the new CMA platform – is shared with Volvo. Machines must have the latest technical technology, especially for operational and passive safety.

Linz Co 01 Structure

Link & Co boldly seeks leadership in an important technical area of ​​the network. “We want to be a leader in communications, as is Volvo’s leader in safety,” said Alain Visser, senior vice president (and former director of marketing for Volvo) at Link & Co.

Each car has a 10.1-inch adjustable central touch screen and telematics systems that are always connected to the Internet and the car’s own cloud. A special application allows the owner to remotely monitor and control many car functions, and service notifications 01 are also transmitted wirelessly. There is even a built-in social network camera to record TikTok’s passenger telegen.

What is car sharing? Is this the goal of the brand?
The “Share my car” button on the touch screen gives other drivers the option of renting a car with a digital key. Visser expects this to be a popular feature. “Many buyers of traditional cars may not like the idea of ​​car sharing, but that is changing. The modern buyer wants mobility, not cars.” “Young people who are not happy with modern cars are the main goal,” adds Visser.

Members of mobile services who need to access the vehicle via smartphones will receive the necessary code that allows you to use their device as an electronic key.

Participants can also sign up to use the tool for an extended period of time, offering a monthly option similar to a typical lease. It will temporarily cost 500 euros per month (about 450 pounds), but unlike most PHM offers, it can be done per month.

Linc Co 01 is loading

The new collaboration with Microsoft and Chinese giant Alibaba has helped build a comprehensive digital infrastructure, including configuration, acquisition, delivery and access to all customer services. A separate contract with Ericsson has created a personal cloud to connect cars. As independent developers develop more applications, so do digital capabilities for cars.

Can I visit the seller to buy it or will it all be done online?
Another innovation is the retail model. All Link & Co cars will be sold directly on the Internet or in Link & Co clubs, which will gradually reach major European cities.

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