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Mike Tyson Discusses a Brutal Incident That Occurred

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk managed to take the sport mainstream despite not being so popular as other sports. Hawk put skateboarding on the map and to this day is considered to be the most influential skateboarder of all time.

However, this wasn’t always the case for Hawk, as the legend wasn’t initially too successful in getting the sport more recognition. Moreover, Hawk made an appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast Hotboxing, where he detailed an interesting occurrence before his company’s first trade show. He stated that he was heading to his first trade show along with his partner, but to his surprise found an actual dead hawk in his yard.

“We were heading to our first trade show opening like as a company. So we’re going to this trade show that is skateboarding and surf culture and we paid for a booth. We were barely scraping by and I went out. I was leaving the house and this is no lie. I was leaving the house and there was a dead hawk in my yard face down that had hit the power line or something and died.” said Hawk.

Moreover, he then claimed that even the universe was giving him some weird signs. However, he added that he was able to overcome this ominous sign and successfully attend the trade show. ” I was like even the universe is a hater. What is this? Yeah, I overcame it but that one was brutal.” He added.

This was certainly an unexpected and off-putting experience for the skateboarding legend, who felt uneasy after experiencing it.


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