Mike Tyson Is Making A Return to AEW This Friday

Mike Tyson is set to make his return to AEW this Friday to grace our screens once again with the brand, with his role on the night already confirmed.

The former heavyweight champion is set to be the guest announcer for the live episode of AEW Rampage in Atlantic City.

It means that it’ll be a return to an old stomping ground with plenty of happy memories, with the former boxer securing his fair share of victories in the arena during the 1980s.

Mike Tyson AEW

Now it’s officially confirmed that Iron Mike will be back on our screens for AEW, it’s a good time to take a short trip down memory lane, with Tyson a popular figure when he appears, always delivering the goods.

He made his debut for the brand in 2020 during a pay-per-view event, helping Cody Rhodes defeat Lance Archer, handing him the belt afterwards. Tyson has also helped Chris Jericho a number of times in his other appearances.

A matchup was teased between the former heavyweight champion and Chris Jericho, although nothing came to fruition, which is a major shame.

Mike Tyson knocks out Cash Wheeler on AEW

His most recent appearance for the brand is probably the most notable, with Cash Wheeler receiving a brutal blow from Tyson, just like many boxers did in the 80s and 90s.

Cash Wheeler was completely floored by the punch from Tyson, who left a clear mark on him, suggesting he gave it his all, treating it like boxing rather than professional wrestling, Wheeler will certainly have felt that one in the morning.

After hitting the floor, Cash Wheeler was motionless, selling the shot well but also likely needing a fair bit of recovery time from that, but who wouldn’t? Bigger men have failed to get up after feeling the force of Tyson.

Iron Mike said before going on the show as a special guest enforcer that he was going to be ‘firm, but fair’, I think it’s safe to say firm is an understatement of the highest proportion when you see what he did to Cash Wheeler.

It’s just a friendly reminder that no matter what the context, staying on Tyson’s good side is probably a relatively sensible idea if you value your safety, if not, then by all means irk the former heavyweight champion, but the consequences can clearly be sincere! Will we see Tyson take anyone out this week?!

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