Mike Tyson Loses Control and Ruins Reporter’s Live

Mike Tyson has one of the most famous tempers in sport.

A volatile tv interview of Tyson on Canadian TV has been doing the rounds again on social media.

Nathan Downer, the TV presenter put himself in a situation where he would more often than not be attacked when he decided to talk about Tyson’s criminal history.

As typically is the case and to make things comfortable, the interview started with a polite chat about the boxer’s time in Toronto and his meeting with the Mayor, Rob Ford.

Tyson had some warm words to say about the Mayor, the city and he talked about his shock at how popular the politician was.

“This is the first time where the mayor is bigger than the whole city, he’s a bigger celebrity than anyone in the city. He’s a really dynamic character.”

Ford was in the leadership contest to be re-elected at the time, and Downer put Tyson on the spot and asked if he had done any research on the Mayor, who had been the centre of attention of some dispute.

This question extremely annoyed Tyson as he replied by saying that he had only seen the politician on TV and because of his fascination, he was keen to see him.

A journalist role is to be fair, but Downer, launched an attack on Tyson, asking if Tyson had impacted the politician’s attempts of staying in power because “we know you’re a convicted rapist”.

This made Tyson extremely shocked and angry that a presenter would talk about this.

The former World Champion completely lost his composure and said: “Hey, I don’t know who said that, you don’t know who said that, you know what I mean?

“And, I don’t have no comment for that, you know, because it’s negative, you’re being negative. I met the mayor, nothing they can do about it.”

Things got intense and Tyson lost it with the presenter. “So interesting that you come across as a nice guy but you’re really a piece of sh*t, with that comment. F*** you, that was a piece of sh**.”

Downer, taken aback by the response, had accepted his mistake and tried to get the interview back on track but failed as Tyson was extremely furious with him.

As is customary, and for convenience, the interview began with a polite chat about the boxer’s time in Toronto and his meeting with Mayor Rob Ford.

“It’s more nerve-racking talking to a rat piece of sh*t like you. You’re a piece of sh**. F*** you.”



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