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Mike Tyson Reveals He Had 20 GIRLFRIENDS At One Time

During his prime, Mike Tyson was perhaps the most well-known person on the planet. Boxing arenas were overcrowded to watch Tyson’s out-of-the-world knockouts. Inside the ring, he might be ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’, but outside it, he was a charming and chivalrous man who enjoyed attention from women. He has discussed his crazy dating life in a number of interviews and podcasts. However, he did once make some claims that others found difficult to comprehend.

Mike Tyson was in conversation with ESPN when he was asked, “You revealed in the book that you had 20 girlfriends at one time.”

The former world heavyweight champion replied, “Well I didn’t count them, but it was around that many, yeah. I had a bunch of girlfriends. It’s not necessary, I didn’t say, well this is my 19th and this is my 12th. It was a lot of girls, I used to figuratively use that for words.”

‘Iron Mike’ has had a very different dating history than most folks. Not to mention, he received a lot of visits from women even while he was in jail in 1993. But later, his life took a drastic turn that changed his life forever.

Tyson was among the most successful athlete of his era, and he made a fortune to fuel his extravagant lifestyle. His reputation was for owning obscenely expensive possessions. Tyson had everything, including a golden bathtub and million-dollar homes. He was partying and being a ladies’ man, living life to the fullest. All of this, though, came to an end when he declared bankruptcy.

Tyson decided to stop competing in boxing in 2005 as his career appeared to be waning. In or around 2003, he declared bankruptcy. His exorbitant lifestyle is said to have caused his $400 million net worth to simply disappear.

He went through everything, but even so, he came back stronger than ever. Even though he is no longer a fighter, his Hollywood cameos, lucrative cannabis business, and podcast allow him to live a comfortable life.

But he left his partying and over-spending life far behind, and he now lives a rather simple life than before. Currently, he shares his experiences and life lessons with fans on his podcast. And he often brings his wife’s name up and credits her (Lakiha Spicer) for bringing the required change in his life.



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