New 2021 Kia EV6: dual-motor EV6 GT gets 577bhp

Kia said it would “take electricity production to a new level” with an updated version of its flagship new EV6 electric vehicle. Choose two suits and four wheels with different battery sizes.

The twin-engine EV6GT is expected to produce 577 hp and 546 lbs on both axles, reach 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 162 mph. It’s not just the fastest growing Kia car. . From every word. …, but also more powerful and faster than the Porsche Taican 4S.

The narrow-range EV6 offers rear-wheel drive, a 474 kV battery, 316 mph or all-wheel drive and a smaller 58.0 kWh engine. About 250 miles. The two-wheel-drive version uses a 226-horsepower engine and can reach 0 km / h in 6.2 seconds, while the four-wheel-drive version without the GT increases to 321 hp and reaches 446 lb. Sat-62 mm.

The EV6 power line will be certified by the closely related Hyundai Ionik6, which will be an electric fair later this year to compete with the Mercedes-Benz EX and Audi E-tron GT.

The Hyundai Ionic 5, the recently launched EV6E-GMP platform, shares an 800V charging architecture. It allows you to charge 0-80% of capacity in 18 minutes, depending on the size of the battery, and reach it in less than four and a half minutes. The EV6 can also carry up to 3.6 kV of power for external devices, including other electric vehicles, and has a towing capacity of 1,600 kg with a payload of 35%.

Volume optimization features include an innovative heat pump that “radiates residual heat from the machine’s cooling system”, providing an EV6 range of 25 ° C to 80% -7 ° C. Adjustable regenerative brakes are also installed throughout the range, and the rear steering wheel changes sights, allowing the driver to choose between six different modes.

Kia also provides new details on key EV6 specifications, including an augmented reality screen that displays ADAS messages, speed data and navigation instructions. The latest version of the Kia Connection Package includes special EV functions, as well as a number of advanced safety tools for the driver.

The Korean EV6 will be on sale in Great Britain from October 2021, and it will start from 8.40895. The EV6 GT-Line starts at 43,895 8, but the Premium GT comes with a grand prize of £ 58,295. The pre-order process begins today.

As Kia’s first electric vehicle, the EV6 combines a radically new design with an unprecedented level of performance. A new wave of cars from Kiev will also drive.

Each contains an EV mark, followed by a number corresponding to their size. Therefore, EV6 crossovers are the best mid-size cars, compact cars, hatchbacks, sedans and large cars. In 2026, Kia plans to launch six more special electronic vehicles from the EV1 model to the EV9 model.

The design of these new models reflects United’s new ethical approach, which relies on a “contrasting mix of sharp elements and sculptural forms”. Futuristic models will also be heavily equipped with new important philosophical settings such as “bold” color schemes, simple lines, and “bold and variable surfaces.”

Kia’s Imagine 2019 concept has an impact. The overall silhouette has evolved giving the car a less visible stance, but Kia has a new interpretation of the “needle nose” protective mask, which underscores visible aerodynamic improvements. ..

Separate headlights and taillights indicate a new pattern of lighting.

The simple new spirit of the flat floor and the interior design of the E-GMP platform make the EV6 cabin wider than the current Kia EV cabin. Control panel for hair and skinny.

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