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New Land Rover Discovery Sport review: still the unlovable middle child?

Among the highlights of the new Land Rover Defender, not to mention the fashion hit recently introduced by the Range Rover Evoque Mk2, it is easy to forget that Land Rover created the Discovery Sport. But remember, because you only get refreshment inside – new lights are the greatest gift on the outside, but most changes happen under the skin, including partial hybrid technology, new cars and significantly improved interiors.

It’s not the cheapest way to get Landi – this part still belongs to Evoque, only 0280. So, what does Discovery Sport offer that makes it different from the others?

For the nickname “Sport” …
Land Rover Discovery Sport, despite the surname of its name, is not presented as a sports version of the full-fat Discovery. Instead, it is a smaller and cheaper model designed for those who still want space and practicality, but do not want – or do not want – to reach big men.

On paper, its rivals are the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Skoda Kodiak, which makes it recognizable with seven seats and many well-known features.

Changes in facial removal go beyond makeup, which is good news. Land Rover has typically moved the design of the front end from the latest model of the platform, the beautiful name “Friday Transversal Architecture”.

So, the Disco Sport has access to the latest Ingenium JLR engines and almost reflects the Evoque with a choice of 148 horsepower. Diesel up to 247 hp of gasoline. All have four cylinders, and all diesel belts are available with a standard nine-speed automatic transmission, low-hybrid technology and all-wheel drive. Here’s the PHEV, but don’t worry about the hybrid system – it just needs to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine a bit.

Is this a sports trip?
No, but that’s not a big deal for a large family SUV. We performed 178 and 237 hp diesel engines and 197 and 247 hp petrol engines. Despite the more powerful versions of both versions, acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 7.2 and 7.1 seconds, respectively, does not feel fast. .

The fuel is quieter, softer and refined than oil, but its thirst (the official total fuel consumption is only 30.5 megapixels and the numbers we see in our late teens) means it burns. They have great mid-range support and although they are loud at high speeds, they calm down with cold pressure on the highway.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019 automatic delivery

Nine-speed Land Rover helps with navigation, but brakes the car through the city where it jumps between speeds, but rarely goes in the right direction.

This sport is appropriately zoomed when pressed, with good grip and a really measured and precise steering wheel. There are many body movements called fun, but this Discovery doesn’t feel too heavy and can be pushed through the bars with minimal noise. At least the lack of a sporty and dynamic driving style shows that it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019

One of Disco Sport’s architectural updates features a front frame that is firmly attached to the white body, making it 10% stronger. As a result, the suspension is truly unique in terms of comfort and can adequately withstand road insulation, even with massive 21-inch connectors, the soothing and absorbent Discovery Sport.

Land Rover is probably one of the few premium manufacturers that makes cars really comfortable without the need for air suspension.

Doesn’t that still matter?
Better than anything else in this class. Land Rover almost always includes an off-road episode to launch it and remind reporters that it’s hard to get started – and it’s still one of the kings.

Land Rover Discovery Sport ATV 2019

Advancing on uneven terrain is as simple as setting the timer to “Automatic” and continuing your pleasant journey. It has fast descent control for steep falls and advanced development control, a system designed to protect you

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