Our Peugeot 508 SW long-termer: go configure

Ever since we discovered our 508 SV in the GT entrances of a subtle massage chair and not just one scent inside, but two, I wonder if it’s worth it. Seven months later – and six months since I last played with Peugeot perfume and necklace – the answer is simple. But what else would I do if I could choose?

The engine would still be the only petrol engine (other than a hybrid), a powerful but quiet 1.6-cylinder turbo four-wheeler approaching the VLTP at every mile. But if we give up the premium GT (thin seat and loss of smell, adjustable cruise control and lane departure warning, hi-fi focus and adjustable shock absorbers that I never touch), you are limited to the 178 hp version, not ours. 221 CV.

508 sv ltt configuration

Then the Allure or GT Line option is available and the active starter is turned off as it only offers diesel decay. By choosing leather and red upholstery, you can quickly increase the price by £ 2,000. But I am 22 months old, so the seats need to dry, and the ultimate red is the only bright color (although my modern twilight has grown).

In the past, major leagues were key, but now it’s all about the headlights – their complexity is an area where designers can thrive when most of the front end comes from a pedestrian collision log. The smaller 508 has halogens and no vertical main LEDs. Instead of spending £ 850 to upgrade the Allure, it includes the 1800 GT Line adventure with accessories like a smartphone and an inch diameter of charging alloy.

Tour Setting Series 3

In total we now have around £ 36,000, which is less than our current car, but not that much. But is it much cheaper than the German equivalent? Well, actually … a quick look at the configurable new BMW Tour 3 Series, like the Pugi model, showed it for an extra £ 1,300. In the case of a long-term lease, the additional monthly costs will be negligible, but in the case of direct purchases from BMW, the remaining values ​​will be better.

Don’t buy anymore. The BMW-approved network uses the current generation of the three-year-old Touring 520d for less than £ 20,000. (Then I looked at the network rabbit with the Gran Turismo series and Merc R-Class 5 products and wondered if any of them were worth a pound.) To improve, the supplier’s pets are guaranteed to get everything. if I could. you never need it – and for a new 508 IU of red instead of £ 450, to fund around £ 300 a month.

Diary: Peugeot 508 SV GT 1.6 225
Price GBP 38605 (tested GBP 39780)
High-performance four-cylinder engine with 1598 cc, 221 hp, 7.3 s, 0-62 mph, 155 mph
Efficiency 39.2 mpg (official), 37.4 mpg (tested), 124 g / km CO2
Energy price 15.2 p per kilometer
438 miles this month
A total of 4054 miles

Six months of living in a Peugeot 508 SV: too much work to acquire
508 sv ltt

I worked on a long to-do list. During the 90 minutes when our baby sleeps during lunch, I cleaned the playroom, put food in front of my partner, guaranteed a zoom for 10 hours a day, and in the rest of the moments I pointed out something else.

Job number. 1 – So far, my only job has been cleaning the garage, shed and garden. I removed enough waste to refill 508 SV ten times.

Instead of going to a lot of newly opened landfills recently, I had to do something I always wanted to do: skip it. This is the biggest one that will pass through our gate.

Instead of enjoying this experience, I finished it just for a lunch break, so now Exercise no. 2: Clean the Peugeot properly. After the summer, a deep blue color began to appear in the sun, but the spores are temporary due to the thick layer of debris that covers them. Nothing can be fixed for 10 minutes a day for two weeks.

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