Renault CEO unveils brand-focused reorganization

The Paris-based Renault Group has announced the first steps by Luce de Mayo, the new CEO of the four-brand non-geographic region, to replace the new major carmaker.

In addition to Renault, Dacia and Alpine, a fourth business unit will be established for the new move, it was stated in the announcement on Thursday. The best drivers lead each task, and De Maio Renault takes the flag.

Renault, which received a billion billion (5.9 billion yen) from the French government this year, wants to recover from the coronavirus epidemic after a bitter dispute with Japanese partner Nissan. Renault’s test in the first half of the year recorded the highest level of 2.29 billion due to the Nissan epidemic and breakdowns.

De Mayo, who led Spain’s Volkswagen Group to record sales and turn the brand into a profit, joined Renault in July to try to relaunch the French group, which has already begun plans to cut costs and business.

Renault has already outlined plans to move from a more profitable model to a quantity-based strategy under former CEO Carlos Ghosn. Density.

According to de Maiu, the change reflects a change in relation to “seeking greatness and seeking profit”. The upgrade will enable “easier, more market-oriented and customer-oriented operation”.

As a result of the brand-oriented restructuring, Dennis Lee, the leader in sales and marketing in the region, will easily adopt the Dacia brand.

It will be led by CEO Renault Sports Racing Serial Abtable Alpine, and the new move will be followed by Deputy CEO and CFO Clotilde Delbos.

The company wants to distribute cars through a network of olive trees and is successfully enjoying its fully electric mini zoo in Europe, which is the best-selling part of several countries. Is

Under a cost-cutting plan announced earlier this year, the group cut about 14,600 jobs worldwide and reduced production capacity by about a fifth, costing less than 2 2 billion. It is planned to expect around 100 million euros this year.

Fiat’s previous role was to instruct Italian carmakers to restart the legendary minibus, saying the Renault brand had to move away from particularly small and cheap cars.

“Renault’s focus should be more on luxury,” he said in an interview with French magazine Le Point this week.

De Mayo, who told Le Point that it was not clear when Renault could benefit from it, said he was working with the design team to update part of the team and the retro style at Alpine.

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