Renault Clio Hybrid: on sale now with F1 hybrid tech

Renault has opened order books for its new Clio E-Tech hybrid. The latest addition to the particularly impressive Clio series complements models with pure petrol or hybrid competitors such as the Toyota Yaris as a powerful and efficient alternative.

The environmentally friendly Clio E-Tech uses a particularly smart hybrid setup inspired by F1 cars. No, really, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine, along with two 138-hp electric motors, produces a total of 64.2 mg of fuel.

What are the characteristics of a hybrid system?

Renault is starting with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a natural piston, similar to the Dacia Duster, but with major improvements, including special hybrid injection and lamp shaft adjustment.

It is combined with two electric motors. The larger 36 kV motor provides most of the engine power, while the smaller 15 kV motor is primarily used to reset the brakes, start the internal combustion engine and control the transmission.

It may be worth drinking a lot of tea before you drink it, because it will make it a little harder. There is no permanent variable transmission (CVT) that you often have in a hybrid car. It does not fit in a small engine compartment. Nothing, Renault engineers say, is an arrest.

Instead, you have a dog crate that works without clutches in many modes. Like an F1 car. In fact, no production car has ever used such a thing: it is not surprising that it is protected by more than 150 patents. Without auxiliary belts for water and oil pumps with small electric motors.

In fact, they are two transfers to one. Unusual: two gears for electric motors (all electric cars except the Porsche Taikan have only one) and for four internal combustion engines. More neutral equipment for both. Awesome

This means that the Clio always returns to full EV mode without the help of heat (up to 38 km / h). You can turn off the electric motor to drive faster on the highway. A smaller electric motor helps you even out these changes by adjusting the speed (no clutches, remember that). What is “extra”, a beginner.

Blemi So it’s great?

Renault relies on 98 g / km of CO2. The 1.5-liter dCI diesel in other parts of the Clia really exceeds this figure, but reaches 74 hp instead of 138 hp.

This is better than the only super mini hybrid you can buy, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which handles 58.8 megapixels.

What other hybrid quality?

The E-Tech engine has been available since the beginning of the Clio Play, but everyone wants a digital mounting kit that is often used on larger models. Otherwise, the changes are limited to a few blue details: the gray seat upholstery.

Prices for Clio E-Tech gaming equipment start at $ 19595, and order books are now open.

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