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Revised Porsche Panamera brings new Turbo S

Porsche is expanding its network with an upgraded Panama

Four-door sedan; Extended operating model and upgraded Sport Tursco station with high technology and a brand new modern-looking Turbo S model.

Tell us about Turbo S.

Porsche says it is replacing the Turbo with the original Panama. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 produces 621 hp. 79 hp 605 lbs-ft. I 39 lbs. Porsche claims to accelerate to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds.

The new model also sets a record in most cars that use Nuremberg record cars. 21.28 minutes test driver Lars Kern.

Other industrial changes?

The GTS is a bit more powerful, with 19 horsepower; The E-Hybrid 4S has a larger battery (14.1 kVh to 17.9 kVh, range: 34 miles).

Panama’s active retention and active body control system has been upgraded to improve body control.

It doesn’t look any different

Well, Porsche has offered a brand new Panama with a sports embankment (Panama elevator design); Turbo S gets fresh air and a makeover. Backlighting is also installed. There is also a silent GTS model and the “Arrival / Departure” cartoon movement. Many wheel designs are also available.

The interior has the same design. But Porsche has done a lot to improve security and connectivity. for example, Apple CarPlay has wireless and additional services from the Lai Rame entertainment screen.

When and how much?

You can order a new Panama right away and the first shipment arrives in October. Panamara 4 starts at 72,890 and reaches 5,135,610 for the new Turbo S for the new Turbo S, Turkey’s favorite game? Enter a price of 2500.

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