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Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet revealed: the Roaring Twenties are back

Support may be the norm when the X-generation no longer has the ability to stand on its own, but that hasn’t stopped Rolls-Royce from announcing drives with large V12 drives.

Influenced by the growing spirit of waste, this ad is the first image of a beautiful Goodwood car produced in the Dawn Silver Bullet collection.

Linda, dawn four?

You’re right. Go to standard dawn – not that Roice’s chair is named S – but you have four luxury seats. However, the Silver Bullet 50 collection usually does not have a special program.

Rolls-Royce occupies the two-seater in the second row and uses Air Cowling, an extension with double bubbles that clearly identifies Zora’s upholstery (see above). Search for ads and find options like the Renault Megane Cabriolets of the late 90’s.

It has a silver-plated leather plate that opens between the seats and exposes the head of titanium steam – because it has a silver-plated design.

What else is the focus of the Rolls-Royce Silver Bullet?

A recognizable friend of Rolls-Roice means that the silver-plated technological design is not supported, so consider shutting down 6.6 liters of fuel and 563 horsepower.

We know that the body is silver with silver, filled with more debris than the black color of the front wheels and alloys.

The boat was driven with other leather upholstery on the roof and gutters, trying all the time to observe the exposed carbon bars instead of wood. Boldda is good, but the printing industry is showing signs of loyalty to customers who are struggling to protect the golden bullet.

What is the price of this easy approach?

So far, there has been no talk of how much your trust company will sell you to pay for its dawn, but it probably took $ 282,000 to make four. different intervals.

Although they bought you special privileges, Rolls-Royce organizes your Whisper tours and programs, where you can explore the world with the will of the author.

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