Seat Leon 1.0 TSI 110 2021 long-term review

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Lawrence Alan was chosen for this new style, so the task of combining the two sides in Leon’s new chair was mine.

I spent a week driving a Leon, an incomparable blue hatchback with a SE Dynamic gearbox (six seconds) and a 1.0-liter four-cylinder 108 horsepower. Before the fuel enters the area comes the Posher mode.

“I think you got angry the first time you stepped on the ground and nothing happened,” Allan laughed as I got out of my electric car with the arrow in my back, but even so, Leon’s strength was not exactly what it was. I think so. . escape.

Unless you are the kind of person who always runs. I was one of those people while I was alive, so I have to admit that twenty-five extra horses coming from my new 1.5-liter turbo were accepted. If I had bought it, I would have tried 20 hours plus $ 770.

Leon has a better picture of train power: the remaining addition is 1.0 TSI; The 2.0-liter diesel has 113 hp; and NO gas connection with 201 horsepower and a speed of 40 miles.

You can order two automatic delivery buttons, but my Leon has six manual deliveries that I’m happy with. How well it uses – it reminds me of many Mazda MKS-5s and how well a thin spoon handles, my former 2008 Peugeot shuddered.

1.0 TSI The Leon is fun to drive, and the case has a 1.5 TSI; The sleek design, lower engine, adjustable face and solid body make this car perfect for a car that you can use in the most beautiful ways in the world. Leon took care of his beloved relatives at the Volkswagen Golf and trained.

Leon was on the ship Xcellence, which Doors described as a “journey”. In fact, it is equipped with a rear camera and key and can turn all LEDs on and off, in the table section there are four types of driving options, a small car seat, three air-conditioned seats, leather seats and a rear car, air purifier. It consists of a water sensor, wireless charging, interior lighting, electric driver’s seat, manual adjustment of the driver’s seat and both side plugs, together with the lower FR and FR. It is difficult to argue with the president’s claim that “time is running out”, even though that fact made me cry.

The best feature of Xcellence Luk is the leather seat with open back, high pedestals and boat control. Honestly, I’m glad I remembered the first three things and I’m glad I kept the last one.

Is it the first time Leon has come up with this great plan? The future of the “Combined” is perhaps the best explanation. My opinion stemmed from one thing: information to information. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed was the lack of buttons attached to the recording device and, even worse, the amount of touch and lamp that further annoyed me with the same 10.0-inch touchscreen on the golf course.

Crossed fingers so that some delay could change my first impression that it was the former Leon, who was a big fan, that he was better at driving again and again, but with a lower edge.

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