Striking new Hyundai Tucson revealed

Hyundai’s best-selling SUV will be replaced before the end of 2020, and although the intelligent but sensitive exterior of the exterior-facing model can wear out, the same cannot be said for the interior. The new Tucson from 2021 plans to fix all this, and this time the look can be noticed in your long-term memory much earlier.

In fact, it’s pretty dramatic …
Let’s see, definitely. The design is based on Hyundai’s Vision T concept, which was presented at the LA Motor Show in 2019 and represents a new design philosophy called “parametric dynamics”.

The company did not fully agree with the evolutionary “sure to play” approach. A lot is happening with this exterior, so we start from the forehead.

It looks absolutely stunning with a central grill that stands proudly like a full beard. “Parametric” is the word of the day, but the pattern is described as “parametric beads”, and the headlights are hidden parametric lights – which combine to form a grid when turned off, effectively enhancing the bright center at the back.

Go down the side of the Tucson in 2021, and the wheels are 17 to 19 inches, while the chrome strip extends along the top of the window line with a slight hint of Lexus RKS extending to the rear door. Slightly square curves on the wheels give it a slightly rougher look, while so many forced folds pass through the body that it resembles the result of folding origami.

The Tucson 2021 is lower than its predecessor, but the wheelbase is 10 mm longer and the overall length increases by 20 mm, while it is 15 mm wider. However, the shorter front hides part of this increase.

Go back and you will see a full-width light strip with taillights branching like a dog on each side, while below you will see a structured bumper insert. The version we see here is a top hybrid model, Hyundai claims that these features will be standard for all models.

There are more …

This Hyundai logo is not placed there because of the rear wiper module – it’s still not a very old Honda Civic Type R – but the rear wiper is already under the spoiler like the Range Rover.

As for the exterior colors, there are nine, and each can be combined with a contrasting ceiling color called Dark Knight and Phantom Black.

Clean interior

One of Tucson’s biggest inner goals was to create an airy atmosphere in the cabin. This includes the flat surface of the instrument panel and involves lowering the dashboard while removing the cover. I hope that doesn’t mean that the digital screen is now exposed to glare …

Another great feature is the silver trim that extends along the door and extends to the dashboard – a bit like the Riva trim design on the Jaguar KSJ, only it doesn’t go that far here at the bottom of the windshield. External air vents are also hidden here to give a cleaner look.

In the middle of the control panel, the tablet’s touch screen switched to the output model and sat down to sit with the controller. In terms of screen size, both the driver’s digital screen and center touch screen are 10.25 inches, and with a glossy black cover on the center console, the older model’s physical keys now seem to replace fingerprints. There are also a lot of icons, so it will take some time to find out where these controls are.

Where you find the buttons, it is placed around the area where you expect to find the gear lever, which now accepts the connecting cable, which means that there is no longer a handle that can be climbed through the door …

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available with an upgraded 15 V wireless charging card and a premium KRELL sound system.

In terms of entertainment and information software, you can have user profiles for multiple driver settings, and Hyundai Live Services includes access to real-time traffic information, gas station and locations – including prices.

Those who like the app have Bluelink to find, lock and unlock Tucson, as well as check the fuel level and integrate Apple or Google calendar on the touch screen.

Elsewhere, the search extends to the textured trunk of the steering column, suggesting exterior design signs – somewhat crack-like but insufficient – to find ambient lighting in the door boxes and a lower choice of 64-side center console. As for the equipment, customers can choose between red and white, black or black and beige.

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