TikTok Star Addison’s STRANGEST Workout Outfit: Tiny Shorts and Long Socks

“There are going to be people that don’t like what you wear, but that’s all a part of being unique and different and standing out,” Addison Rae stated during her FRONTPAGE interview with Highsnobiety.

Aside from being one of the most famous TikTokers, Rae knows how to attract attention with her fashion choices too, especially as of late. And her most recent look is but another example of Rae’s ability to captivate the masses in style.


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For her post-pilates ‘fit on November 11, Rae kept things cozy and cheeky in an Alo Yoga sherpa puffer jacket, crop top, and bum-hugging short-shorts.

Though Rae sporting tiny shorts is nothing new — they’re actually leading her street style reign — she’s undoubtedly given Mr. Donald Glover a run for his money.

While she threw on some black shades and a Prada shoulder bag for added coolness, it was her sock situation that really grabbed my attention.

Along with her go-to fluffy slippers, the media personality slash actress wore extra, extra-long nude socks, which nearly covered her legs.

Seriously, the socks left but a glimpse of skin out, protecting the rest from the brisk LA morning weather. Thus, Rae’s sock selection ended up being both comfy and practical (I can’t be mad at that).

Rae got in her early morning workout with her boyfriend, Omar Fedi (no surprises there, the two are nearly attached at the hip nowadays). For the class with his girlfriend, Fedi took a break from his healthy goth aesthetic in favor of cozy Balenciaga sweats that day.




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