Toyota Highlander 2021 UK review

What is it
Although immortal veterans may claim to be the only ones, Toyota is obviously asking you to be different when it comes to SUVs because they are gaining popularity.

The company already offers the C-HR, RAV4 and Land Cruiser in the UK; The Iaris cross was recently discovered; Charge the electric jeep; And even reinvented the Igo business car as a crossover. However, that further explains why Toyota was finally brought to Mount Highlander.

Already in its fourth generation, the Highland has long been an important part of Toyota’s ancient tree in the United States and elsewhere. For Americans, it is an average SUV, but seven seats is too big.

It’s not too delicate, but the Highlander hides its size relatively well, which helps a style similar to the RAV4 that gives it a sense of glory. It maintains a strong balance between the classic and strict features of an SUV and the more sophisticated and recognizable style characteristic of the latest Toyota models.

Toyota drivers also know the interior of the cave. It’s well-equipped, comfortable, and the Excel and Excel Premium equipment offers a host of sets, though in the end it doesn’t look great like similar Audi Volvo cars that Toyota hopes Highlander will be able to sell.

However, that does not mean that it is inconvenient. In fact, the touch screen is welcomed by the fact that the 7-inch entertainment screen is integrated into the control panel with various switching devices. All the basic controls are driving, which also gets a decent combination of analog and digital screens, while in Excel Premium models it is the primary screen.

Panoramic sunshine creates the impression of a spacious space – meaning the mountains must feel bigger – comfortable features include ventilated and heated leather seats and air conditioning. The socket has storage and nuts, along with many other USB and charging ports and a JBL-accurate sound system. Other passengers will find enough space, and the seats in the third row are certainly useful, although warnings are expected that adults will no longer enjoy traveling there.

The Highland Caves with folding seats offer 658 liters of luggage space, which increases to 1177 liters when the second row is hidden. The rear compartment is also very versatile: the second row of seats extends by 180 mm for easy access and provides a particularly flat floor when folded.

The Highlander offers a range of engines around the world, but for British consumers it can only be one: 244 hp. Electric gasoline hybrid. The standard hybrid is said to be more suitable for long journeys that usually last longer in large SUVs.

When its 2.5-liter engine is connected to each axle by an electric motor that offers all-wheel drive, it provides great power from this energy.

The AVD-i transmission transfers all power to the front axle, but with the rear engine it can display 80% of the rear axle as needed. The hybrid car has an official fuel consumption of 39.2 to 39.7 megapixels – in the mid-1930s at our mixed test speed – CO2 emissions of 160 to 163 grams per. Square kilometers.

With decades of Toyota hybrid experience, as might be expected, the engine-to-engine combination is perfect, and the electric torque in the hills stops the recovery. Probably very polite – sometimes you need a gentle right foot to prevent the wheels from turning a little and the engine to turn and lose another subtle pressure.

The “rubber” effect on the CVT is noticeable, which can make it a little screaming and loud when accelerating at high altitudes, it swims very hard and can go only 78 miles per hour, even if it gives some sophistication for a very limited time.

As might be expected, the Highlander does not offer a particularly dynamic or demanding ride.

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