Toyota Highlander: seven-seat hybrid SUV confirmed for UK sale in 2021

Toyota Highlander has been approved for sale in the UK for the first time, which means that full-size SUV buyers with another candidate will be added to the shopping list.

It is a large 4×4 car with a seven-seater hybrid drive that has so far been sold only in the USA, Asia and in the markets where large SUVs are available. In Japan and Australia, it was previously known as the Toyota Kluger, because Hyundai was among the brands there.

With a mustache less than five meters (only 4950 mm), the new Toyota Highlander has three rows of seats, and the central carrier slides back and forth by 180 mm, so those with cargo space – travel in the rear row.

There’s also a 658-liter boot (which opens at the touch of a foot under the button), which if you put the five rear seats on the ground, can reach up to 1,909 liters. Toyota is convinced that the market for large SUVs is growing, which is a feature of the family – and it will compete with the BMW X5 and Volvo KSC90 Hybrid.

The Highlander is sold next to the famous Land Cruiser, which is mostly on the road, despite the fact that all models have an all-wheel drive. Thanks to a towing power of 241 hp, the Highlander needs two tons of power.

Hybrid devolution to reduce emissions and increase the economy
Based on Toyota’s GA-K architecture or high-platform hybrid vehicles, it makes the Highlander a fully-fledged petrol-electric hybrid – no other powertrain is offered in the UK.

This popular Atkinson 2.5-liter gasoline engine combines electric motors in both axles and is powered by a nickel-metal hydride battery within the second set. It promises 146 grams per kilometer of clean CO2, plus 42.8 meters per gram in the combined VLTP cycle.

Drivers can choose between Eco, Normal, Sport, and Trail in the Drive Mode Select system. All modes are only available in silent and electric EV mode. Toyota’s smart blackout technology includes a windshield wiper to reduce air, a digital reversing camera that is not protected by luggage or a backpack, and the usual amount of adjustable cruise control and other storage systems. From baby/comfort.

Sounds good! When can I buy a Toyota Highlander in the UK?
There is not much time to wait yet. Toyota says delivery to Western Europe will begin in early 2021.

There is no discussion about prices yet, but we will update this article with more information on full details, prices and details.

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