WATCH NOW: Mike Tyson PASSES OUT After A Workout

Mike Tyson was the most feared man on the planet when he was in his prime. His brutal knockouts even earned him the moniker “Baddest Man on the Planet”. Tyson’s illustrious career lasted for two decades, spanning from 1985 to 2005. The legend still continues to engage in intense sparring sessions, which led to an unexpected occurrence.

The video shows Iron Mike punching like a young boxer in his twenties. However, the veteran collapsed and fell to the ground as a result of the rigorous strength training. Tyson fans still reminisce about his brutal knockouts from the nineties. However, this video has left his fans in shock as their hero falls to the ground.

“I’m sick, something is wrong” – Mike Tyson discusses his state of health
The legendary boxer never hesitates to speak his mind. Even in his early days, he was regarded as one of the most controversial fighters because of his aggressive attitude. In a recent episode of his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he shared his health condition with comedian Bill Maher.

He stated, “I don’t sleep well, but I still feel great in the morning. I’m sick, something’s wrong, and I can’t be sleeping. It’s just 24 hours, no drugs.”

The Kid Dynamite claimed that he only gets 3–4 hours of sleep each night and that his goal is to conquer himself. Only Tyson could comprehend how a warrior’s brain functions.

‘Iron Mike’ has been one of the most revered boxer of all time and has inscribed his name in the history of boxing. When he was in his prime, he came inside the ring with a destructive attitude that intimated the entire world. The wrath in his eyes was enough to send a chill down the opponent’s spine. Ironically, the retired superstar has now changed into a philosopher who discusses life’s hidden meanings.

While speaking at a gathering, the former heavyweight champion left the audience in deep thought as he described the beauty of death. He stated, “No one knows what dying is like. It has to be beautiful. Dying can’t be bad because living is great. So dying has to be something special.”

Boxing fans are aware that Tyson is a learned man who fancies exploring a variety of deep topics, including history, art, warfare, psychology, and other subjects. The boxer’s podcast, Hotboxin with Mike Tyson, amply demonstrates his depth of knowledge.



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